Your CV will be one of the most important documents you will write. Make sure you put some thought into the layout and the content. Do not waffle and remain factual at all times.
First impressions count. This one document needs to get you noticed and once read, should give any future employer a good understanding of your personality and skills you have to offer. Bare in mind the reader will probably be reading many CV’s, and YOURS needs to stand out.
Ensure your CV has been typed and is not hand written.
Ideally your CV should not be more than two pages long and should contain the following information:-
Personal Details:-
Name, Address, Telephone Number, Mobile Number (if applicable), E-mail address, Date of Birth.
Personal Profile:-
This should be a couple of sentences, giving a brief outline on how you would describe yourself.
Key Skills:-
Using bullet points, list your key skills so that any potential employer can zoom in, and hopefully gain a good understanding of the skills you have to offer.
Professional Qualifications:-
State if you a member of a professional body or if you have gained professional qualifications. (Keep hold of any certificates that can prove your qualifications, these may be asked for at interview).
Training Courses:-
List any relevant courses you have undertaken.
Employment History:-
Always start with your most recent position and work backwards. List your job title, dates of employment, company name and a brief description of your duties and responsibilities and work undertaken. Be specific when referring to your achievements.
If you have only worked for one company, break down each position held. Do not leave gaps in your CV. If you have taken time out, to i.e., to raise a family or go travelling state this, otherwise you will leave question marks with potential employers.
Education and Qualifications:-
List in order of importance.
Hobbies and Interests:-

This only needs to be a line, stating your personal hobbies and interests.

Either state – Personal and Professional references available upon request, otherwise ideally, name a minimum of two professional references. Including referees official title, address and contact numbers.
Presentation is of the up most importance, ensure you have checked your spelling and grammar, as badly presented or poorly spelt CV's are more likely to be put to one side.
Covering Letter:-
If applying to an advertisement, always refer to the position you are applying for, and which publication you saw the advertisement in. To remain professional at all times, always introduce your CV with a covering letter highlighting your key skills that makes you suitable for the position you are applying for.
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